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Frequently Asked Questions for IMPACT RWARD$

Q: What is “IMPACT REWARD$”?
A: IMPACT REWARD$ is a Guest Rewards Club offering points to earn Free Stuff. Every purchase you make at The Store earns points towards free items, coupons and gift certificates by simply using IMPACT REWARD$ in the store or at the pump. Your point’s status can be instantly reviewed and or redeemed at your convenience. No other program is as simple and as powerful as IMPACT REWARD$.

Q: How much do I have to pay to be an “IMPACT REWARD$” member?
A: It’s only costs $1.99 to join and get your key tag. Its the best and most rewarding $1.99 you will ever spend!

Q: How can I find out how many points I have accumulated?
A: When you’re in The Store go to the IMPACT REWARD$ printer and touch your key tag to the printer. The printer will print out a status report of your current point’s total. You will also be able to review your point status online at www.impactrewards.com.

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